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Research and Development

Research & Development is the core activity at Agrid Scientific. We try to create products and innovate processes that are required to make the specific product. Each product is different and have their own unique processes. 

Agrid Scientific is your one-stop solution for a wide range of R&D activities for chemical synthesis, product analysis, new product development which are supported by world-class analytical services.


With our expertise and team of R&D specialists, we provide a competency platform during the product development stage.

We specialize in making formulations for the following segments;

Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene & Sanitation

Agrid helps create scientifically formulated products that help maintain hygienic environment for both people and their surroundings

We successfully developed a wide range of surface cleaners and disinfectants to help combat the COVID crisis over the past two years.


Industrial cleaning

Agrid scientific has successfully contributed to import substitutions by captivating  and recreating several industrial cleaning that are imported into the country 

Agrid's expertise lies in formulating de-scalers and degreasers for specific industrial use


Nano Particles Research

Agrid has Successfully developed nanoparticle-based disinfectants and functional products that have a variety of use in day to day lives, that impact the quality of life of the citizens of a nation.

We work typically with aqueous and alcohol based products that act as carriers of nanoparticles 


Cosmetic & Fragrances

Over the past two years I has helped companies formulate and develop world class cosmetic products and fragrances.


The products scientifically formulated, tested for all required parameters and stability, and then packed in the most ergonomic and customer friendly fashion. 


Making India Proud 

Agrid Scientific conducts all R&D related activities with consumers in mind.

We strive to give all our customers easy to use, efficient and cost effective products. 

Agrid's future-tech approach helps benchmark global products in one platform and help
build manufacturing capability in India to make the best products in India.

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